2018-06-05 20:58:29     Tilak B.M.

Co-education means educating boys and girls together. In such system, boys and girls attend the same schools or campus. There is no segregation between them. In many countries of the world, we find co-education and in few countries we may find gender-segregated education.
In our country, many people think that boys and girls should not read together. Girls are spoilt in the company of the boys. This traditional and conservation view is not correct for the present generation. Now, time has changed. So along with change in time, our thinking and ideas should be changed. Many developed countries have realized the importance of co-education. So, our government should also apply the system of co-education all over the country.
When boys and girls are send to same institution, then they will live together and work together. As a result, they will understand each other. There won't be feeling of superiority or inferiority among them. They all will learn something from each others. There will be easy for teacher also for teaching them and also will be able to make their student knowledgeable.
Hence, general education should be made co-educational in our country since co-education is economical and better.

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