Differences in Gender

2018-07-15 11:13:26     Amit Khanal- Peer Support

People have been avoiding housework for millions of years. The primitive men who lived in a cave would stay there until the floor was dirtified with bones and savages. Their family would not clean the cave, rather they would move to a new one. That`s probably why they got migrated from places to places. But running way would never be a solution to the problems. Somebody had to do their housework. Men thought about it long and hard and finally gave this task to women. Plus, he needed an excuse to get away from doing the housework, and then came the concept of civilization. They would make an excuse for inventing fire or making some forms of written language. Over the years, men came up with thousands of excuses for not doing housework. Business became one of the significant exquisite. They built offices and factories all over the country, they would get up, eat breakfast, and announce, “Well, I`m off to my office now.” Then they would just leave, and wouldn`t return until the house was all cleaned and the dinner was ready.

So this way, the works performed by men became overrated. Their position in society is still considered superior. But men made an idiotic mistake. They started to believe that even business was also a hard work. They`d come late house banging the door and would complain about having a tough day at work. And what about women having a tough day? Was it easy to scrub the floors, clean the toilets, and scrap the spider webs all around the house on hands and knees? Hah! No way. So that was the beginning of the end. Women also started holding a business, and it comparatively became easier for them- going to an office, receiving phone calls, doing things with pieces of papers and meetings. Now nobody is willing to do housework other than dish washing and cooking. That means we`re prone to bacterial diseases. So some anthropologists and historians say, “What about letting these men do housework for about six thousand years, to even things up?”

Over the years, men have developed the notion that whatever task they do, it is of greater importance. Still, they believe that they need to show off their manhood, superiority to the women. Still, the proverb “Men can`t cry, men can`t have fear” applies in our stereotypical society. One of my English teachers at high school shared his story- Once he & his wife went to play Ferris wheel. During the play, our teacher was so afraid, he was about to cry whereas his wife was enjoying the ride. But he had to show his stubborn manhood and hide his fears. So he didn`t complain about his fears to his wife. Men have always been stubborn and dominating. Generally, females are conditioned to be more fearful than male. According to the Journal of Pediatrics Psychology, parents are four times more likely to tell girls than boys to be more careful. It is also found that the moms and dads encouraged their sons to face the fears and conquer it. But when it came to daughters, the adults encouraged more caution. So basically from birth, girls are viewed as fragile as and less capable than boys. Fear becomes a go-to female trait, something girls are expected to feel and express at will. That`s why, when a girl becomes a woman, this fear manifests as deference and timid decision making. Well, there was once a time when theologists refused to believe that women had a soul.

From the neurological point of view, understanding the gender differences opens the door to a greater appreciation of genders. The female brain is more accustomed to multitasking projects but male brains excel in highly focused projects. Male brains process less oxytocin than females. It implies that boys need many different strategies for stress release than girls. Females often have a larger hippo campus and a deeper limbic system with the higher density of neural connection into the hippo campus. As a result, females tend to absorb more sensorial and emotive information than men. Men tend to have much larger inferior parietal lobules than women; this area of the brain is thought to influence mathematical ability. Whereas, the female brain is geared slightly more toward language. Both of the genders have expertise in different sorts of areas. Striving for gender equity, rather than equality, must be today`s concern.

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