First ever Intra School Group Debate Competition in Rupandehi organized by Oxford STEM club

2019-09-15 23:38:01     Atul Mishra, President of Oxford STEM

Oxford STEM Club organized an Intra-School Group Debate (Panel Discussion) Competition on 14th of Bhadra;2076 B.S targeting the students of Oxford Secondary School from Grade 8 ; 9 and 10.
The 6 teams with 3 members each participated in the competition. The two groups debated at a time on the randomly selected topic and then one group from each pair was then selected for further rounds on the basis of Judge's Markings.

Both the first and final phases were divided in to 4 segments;
Introduction Round : Both the teams got 2 mins each to introduce their part.

Criticism Round : 5 mins of open time was given for both the teams to criticize each other's introductory point in the well discipline manner.

Clarification Round: 5 mins of open time was provided for the teams to defend themselves from the cross questions of the viewers and the judges.

Conclusion: Both the team leaders were provided 2 mins each to conclude their part.

Marking was made by the 3 judges on different criteria such as Introduction(10) Participation (10) ; Discipline(5); Criticism (5) ; Presentation(5) ; Conclusion (5) with a total marking of 40 from each judge.

From the four teams selected from first round ; two with highest marks competed for 1st and 2nd position where as other two competed for 3rd position.

Ayush Khanal along with his teammates Ayush Sapkota and Garima Upadyay secured first position. Similarly Diya Bhusal along with her teammates Sushant Belbase and Abhiyan Regmi secured second position and Sapana Pandey along with her teammates Aayushma Kshetri and Tulika Sinha were able to secure Third Position.

The participants and the winners were awarded with certificates and trophy. The participants were assured to be selected as a board member of Oxford STEM Club in the respective year of their involvement.

This event was able to implement the true meaning of group discussion ; leadership and collaborative disciplines. The participants were found to have a very good response towards the event as seen from the the after event review form filled up by the participants. With the intention of taking this to a higher state in coming days Oxford STEM club will be continuing this event in coming years as well but in a bigger platform.

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