From A Good One To The Best One

2018-06-03 18:40:37     Abhisek Nepal

It’s been around a month, I have gained plenty knowledge for my college life and rest of life from BON. BON has taught me many things rather than the bookish knowledge. The interactive environment, these crazy (though) helpful friends, the fun we get in BON is something I would have lost, had I not joined this institution.

Education is light of the life but it`s the life skills which make us stand out. Since BON has given me both skills and education, it has proved that the “BEST” in BON is not just for name. In addition, the teaching staffs are well educated, experienced and have a good knowledge of teaching-learning activity. Different teachers from their wonderful academic background come to teach us. Some of them teach us single class and some teach many. Though the class could be sometimes less or even more, they are very effective indeed.

Best one Network is new in this field but is definitely following the right track and the best part about it is: it teaches us in a very special or a different way which I would never find elsewhere. The post SEE power package is very effective for all. So, I chose BON to utilize my time after my SEE exams were over and I feel that`s one of the best decisions I've ever taken till date.

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