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2018-12-19 22:25:10     Amit Khanal, Peer Support

I can't jot down exactly how I've been these days; however, I'm preoccupied in collecting every small happiness and comfort I see on my way. So, I think that clarifies how miserable and pathetic my life has been. Notably, one of the most satisfied moments (I must say) happened recently in my life is: being recognized as a 20 under 20.
To be honest, I never thought I deserved it. Since 2015, Glocal Khabar has been acknowledging 20 youths below 20 years of age, who have done something worth an inspiration in their life: in short, the early change makers. Sounds like a prodigious title that asks for Herculean tasks, right? That's why, I thought I was never up to it. I must confess I've the most supportive brothers- Ayarush and Ayush (GTH finalist, and 20 under 20- '017), who persistently enforced me to give it a shot. Nonetheless, there were 532 applicants this year. This implies that there are, at least, 532 teenagers who have actually done something to create impact in the society. (This gave me kind of relief; teenagers are actually doing something.)
The journey began after few months of meeting with brother Ashesh Bhandari. Credits to Pandey Lassi Shop, Traffic Chok, where we stayed long discussing ideas and programs. Without any formalities, we thought of running our first program- Post SEE Power Package. The project was intended to overthrow the conventional bridge courses that offered nothing, save those boring PCB classes. I don't wanna mention what we did, and make this boring, and you might have already known what we had. Best One Network now offers many productive classes and training. Visit our page to know more about the stuffs happening.
Best One Network has played a significant role in recognizing me as a 20 Under 20. I remember, how difficult it was, for us, to gather mass for programs on those early days. I'm positive that this title we received- I believe this title is for the entire BON family- will surely help us for marketing, whatever programs we launch next.
So yeah! This is it. Received few notes of congratulations. Makes me feel happy and relaxed in some ways. But, there are a lot of things to worry about. Well, I told you that my life has been so harsh. Oh, I should go now----
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