Inside me

2018-05-30 19:04:18     Amit Khanal - Mentor

Usually, I roam around for an hour daily. There is a small park five minutes away to my home. But during my gap year, my roaming duration began to rise. I always thought to give oneself a little more time in a quiet peaceful area- increases creativity and the level of thinking! Never knew that really worked or not- but I used to have such feelings.

Those were the days when I tried my best to keep myself occupied all day and night. I applied for every writing contest I saw on the internet. I even applied for online jobs which included writing articles on specific subjects. Fortunately, I must say fortunately, I failed in each of them. I used to get amazed how others could express themselves so exquisitely, and here am I who has to think many a time before I start scrambling.

I`d even registered for IOFA`s CT1 Financial Mathematics exam for the actuary. Actuarial examinations are considered as one of the toughest examinations and I was a science-streamed student in my high school. So was I a fool to register for such a test by paying $210? I was pretty sure I was going to fail. Literally, I`d never failed in any exam until CT1 happened to me. Still, I was trying to pass. No! I hadn`t given up on all!!

After all those failings, still, a good thing happened in my life. I`d never tutored anyone till then but I got to teach mathematics to my junior brothers. Once I picked the momentum, it really felt nice. After few days, I also got to hear that tuition students were also forwarding a quite good review of my teaching methods. Again, after some days, I got to teach for an advanced level bridge course. I used to explain them all those little facts that made math really interesting, all those tiny tricky steps that are mostly ignored. I used to expound how mathematics was applicable in real life, how mathematics could be comparable to our lives and they found it interesting. Perhaps!

So what I discovered was teaching is one of the purest professions. Plus, when the subject you teach is mathematics! It`s amazing………………..

Until & unless you get mathematics, it`s a magic. Sharing the beauty of mathematics to my juniors was so soul-satisfying and in some ways, I think it changed my life. As I grabbed my marker to leave the classroom, they used to give me an atypical smile, perhaps too wide to be genuine, too bright to be oozing satisfaction. People say smiles could be faked; it was perhaps one of those, one of those disguised smirks they would show to pity for themselves. After all those failures, I discovered something new in myself. I started hunting new math hacks, exploring my horizon and all my motivation would be to see their bizarre face. Daily, I would roam around the park thinking about how I could teach new topics using new techniques and help them understand the language of God: Mathematics.

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