Insult: In a Broad Concept

2018-06-03 20:36:34     Atul Mishra

‘ Insult ‘ what we commonly called ‘Billa’ in Nepali is the most common incident which every one faces at least once in a day. However its impact seems to be greatly on the teenagers who are hanging between acting like childish and like matured.

This small term ; ‘Insult’ may bring great impacts in anyone's life with great possibility of negative rather than positive .

‘Insults ‘ are actually not good but if thought with an open mind we will come to know that this term opens the doors of great possibilities and opportunities . Insults are some of those memories which leave a life long scar in everyone’s memory and if those memories are taken as motivation to come across our limits , they will definitely provide us life long motivation indeed.

Insults shouldn’t be taken as curse rather it should be taken be as a compliment or a comment on our daily lives by those who either want to see us going higher or those who want to lower us down. In both the cases we will be directed to try something new and something different and doing something different will certainly increase our knowledge and experience.

It’s not that an insult will damage our figure or personality in front of mass, rather being insulted in front of mass should fill us with energy to answer all of them with our deeds as soon as possible.

So , while concluding I would like to say that let's change our mindset on insult and let’s try to ignore the negative energy produced in our body due to that insult rather let’s commit that none of the insults will be able to stop us from being our self. So lets learn to love and care ourselves first than caring those mischief comments ‘Insult ‘.

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