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2018-05-30 18:43:23     Sameer Ghimire

“Life is a race;If you won’t run fast you will get trampled by others”, dialogue of film ‘3 idiots’, always strikes my mind in positive manner. We all know how important the life is and it fully depends upon us how to shape it. I will not hesitate to give us a title of ‘Booknuts’. Still we people are lost in the bookish world. We think books and classroom are only the things where we can learn. But being in the 21st century everyone’s perspective should be changed. We all are in the age of science and technology which grants us a big platform for everything. I think the best way to learn in today’s generation is by online learning (MOOC). Being in a small and not well developed country, we always lack some of the practical things which are definitely valuable in our daily day to day works. Online learning where we can perceive quality education from different experienced persons and from different well-renowned universities like that of Harvard, Cambridge etc. Different sites commonly edX and Coursera are providing different sorts of online courses for the betterment of students with the main motive of making them creative and knowledgeable. Different sorts of subjects like that of mathematics, science-related topics, humanities, arts, business, and management etc can be learned in these websites by pursuing enrollment certificates also. In the context of our country, many students are still unknown about online learning which is the main reason our country is lagging creative manpower. So by means of this article, I want to share my knowledge on how to start learning online. Just follow the steps:

Step 1: open search engine and open website( or

Step 2: On the top, you can see the options such that Sign in and Log in, You have to click on Sign in option and have to fill the form accordingly.

Step 3: After filling up the form, you will get a link on your mail and you just have to open that link for verifying if that links belongs to you or not.

Step 4: Now you have made your new id and from now on you can search for different short-term courses according to your choice to learn something new in an interesting manner.

I have heard many people saying the online course is not beneficial as it only has one-way interaction but that is a completely false assumption. Here you have also the facility of sharing your problems with other students by means of (dashboard) facility which can assist you in being more clear about the topic. Courses are not of long time periods only maximum of 5-6 weeks as said short-term courses. Sharing my common view, I have improved my English and also my computer skills with the help of online course. As I am also a student in the phase of learning I would recommend all other students to be enrolled in online learning and to utilize such a massive opportunity.

I have already enrolled myself what about you?

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