Think Different

2018-06-22 10:57:26     Amit Khanal- Peer Support

Have you ever thought different? Different, in the sense, unique! A friend of mine made me wait for about forty-five minutes at Ratna Park, and all of sudden an idea dived into my mind, out of nowhere: I would call it as an “entropy of idea”. Lately, these days, my mind has been surfing upon the contents to include in my upcoming projects. And I think, I got a topic to ponder about. I’d tell you more about the project, but that’s a different story, and let me keep some secrets, will you?
This may sound insane, but I’m not here to think as any other guy does. Without boasting much, let’s enter the topic. I thought of renaming the digits, or nicknaming them (as it would be an ardent task to rename, and I don’t think even a mathematician would agree). Well, I’m not considering all of the digits- just five or six of them! Got puzzled? Let me demonstrate you about this in detail-
Write “A” instead of “One” to represent “1”. I think, “A” gives a much better sense than “One”. 1 represents unity or singleness, and “A” literally defines both of them. As 1 starts the basic counting in number system, “A” is the pioneer of alphabetic order. So, don’t you think it would be easier for small kids to learn if we reconsider this?
Move to “2”. “Two”- I guess? Any better options in your mind?
“Two” sounds much alike to “to” or “tu”, right? Since “to” has a very different meaning in English, I would say let’s use “tu” instead of “two”. The common phonetic way doesn’t get disturbed this way. Nay, not satisfied? I would advise to go with “bi”. Remember, we use “bi” to represent a combination of 2 like bidirectional, bilateral, bipolar, biconcave, and so on.
There’s one more advantage of using “bi” for 2. As similar, we can also use “tri” to represent 3. Why use “three” when we have “tri”? HaHa! “Tri” represents a combination of 3 like trilogy or trilobites or tripods or triad. It’s obvious that these words –“bi” and “tri”- will help children enrich their vocabs in a rapid and logical way.
If you ask about 4, I would say, it is perfect as it is now!
But what about 5? I would rather spell it phive and would not disturb its sound. Now as the number progresses, my ‘number-word styling’ gets harder and harder. It would be more than a Herculean task to write 20 with 20 alphabets, and think about 100! Sorry, I can’t even think about it. By the way, we would not use simply 8 letters for the monstrous INFINITY. Infinity doesn't look as heavy as it really is in these letters. Finally, I think 6 or seven would be a perfect place to stop.
My motive was to make numbers visible to everyone- from kids to adults. I’ve no desire of rewording the numbers, or break the trend that has been adopted, not only adopted but worshiped. What I wanted to infer is to think rationally. You don’t need to follow what people were doing a millennium ago. Make few updates and go accordingly.
You may remonstrate about the minimal inconvenience I’ve caused, but this is a general approach to make kids clear about the first few numbers. If you can, then let’s apply the similar idea to geometry or calculus, and make things easy.

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